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Engel USA Testimonials

“I spend the majority of the year traveling with my animal friends to spread the important messages of conservation. The Engel coolers and freezers have made our days on the road infinitely easier because they keep the animal’s food fresh or frozen for days.” - Jack Hanna, Director Emeritus of the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, Host of “Jack Hanna’s Into the Wild”

My Engel 32 Qt cooler sits side by side with my SSI cooler, and is far superior in durability and ice holding. I also love my small Engel 13 Qt cooler and use it a tackle box. Engel Rocks! - Capt. Mitch Conger, Jacksonville, FL

I bought the Engel 143 qt cooler last summer to use on a week-long desert river trip at the end of July. It was hot, but we had cool drinks the whole week. I was the only one with an Engel cooler and I was also the only one with ice at the end of the trip! Thanks for the great product. - Peter Jenkins

I just wanted to let you know how my MT-35 performed in a 5 day power outage. We ran it for over 4 days 96+ hours on one fully charged 27 plate marine battery before I had to switch to battery #2. We had it set to run at 36-37 degrees F. We also use it camping in the everglades, grocery shopping and our travel. No fooling around with ice. Engel Makes some off the best products that I have come across. - Michael Collin, Mike's Tide Charts

Our Engel fridge has been running continuously for 2-1/2 years now, and has never been switched off! It just runs and runs, despite the brutal life it has had aboard Earthrace. - Pete Bethune, Skipper - Earthrace 2008

I wanted to take a minute to tell you how much I love my Engel Refer! I have lived aboard my Catalina 30 sailboat for 5 years and have had my Engel for four years. It has worked perfectly for me and made living aboard even better! I didn't want to put in an insulated box, along with all the refer troubles that come with a "marine system". I just bought my Engel, plugged it in, and it's been great. It has a low electric draw, and is so well insulated, that I don't worry about my batteries getting drawn down. I just had the on/off, temp setting knob go out, but the new one is on the way with expert advice on how to replace the old one! I appreciate the fact that the people at Engel seem to really care about my problem and were there to help right away! I'm looking forward to my refer working for me for many more years to come! - All the best to you all and Christ's Love, Rich Gibson

I bought an Engel Model 35 in 2000 for my 30 foot sailboat which I lived and sailed on in the East Coast of Florida and the Caribbean. I kept the unit near the companionway where it was often subject to rain and salt spray while underway. The amperage draw on this unit was low enough that it never ran my house batteries down. Last year I had my sailboat in storage and took my Engel with me on a 7,000 mile road trip to British Columbia in the back of my pickup. The unit never failed me and was often exposed to less than ideal conditions. I recommend an Engel to anyone who has the need for a well designed, practical and portable refrigeration unit. - Bruce Bates, SVY/ Minka

Hello, I want you to know that for as much I as I rely upon and thoroughly appreciate my Engel portable DC refrigerator (I use it every day, seven days a week), I am even happier with the telephone-based customer service. When I call, I get a live person I can understand, who is ready to deal with my issue. - Will Luden

I first learned of the Engel product online, in a few expedition vehicle builds. I thought about the potential of having a 12volt freezer fridge. Finally I broke down and stopped by the the Engel office in Jupiter, FL. and talked to Paul Kabalin. I thought I knew everything there was to know, but Paul walked me through all the features Engel had to offer. I felt this was a well built piece of equipment and worthy of the price. So I purchased a Engel 45, placed it in the back of my truck and plugged it in. I haven't taken it out since. I recently completed a 7 day 2000 miles journey, where I lived out of my vehicle. Having the ability to freeze and keep frozen or just cool is priceless. No need for ice, as I found people running out of it at an event I attended. In all I love my Engel and could see it being used in many other applications where 12 volt was available. Other than my travels for pleasure, I'm a contractor and spend time away from home having the ability to keep it cold is as I said before "Priceless". - Thank You again Aaron Howard

I just wanted to share you the circumstances regarding all the parts I am ordering. I was traveling down what seemed like an endless dirt road in Baja to set up a camp and feed 35 tired and hungry participants in our Wide Open Baja Adventures tour of the Baja Peninsula in our special built off road race prepped cars. At about mile 50 I made a turn and saw that the gate on our trailer had opened. With obvious apprehension I walked around to see we had lost half of our gear. On the drive back to retrieve our gear we saw the first Engel unit on its side and although the case was rolled up in a ball the lid was still in place and contents there. The other coolers were spread at regular intervals along the road. Although the Engel units were dilapidated to the point of non recognition we plugged them in and they started purring and were chilling like new in minutes. Thanks for the superb product and the ability to rebuild them to show condition. With so many products now days, once they look bad, there is no way to recoup that new presentation, and the fact that the compressors worked and the units cooled after that ride is simply amazing. Thanks Again - Dave Feldkamp, Wide Open Adventures

Thank you. We have just had a baby and took him camping for the first time this Christmas. As we were having some of our hottest weather here and he only eats home cooked veggies (refuses to eat tin food)I was stressed to the max about how I was going to keep his food fresh and frozen for a week. How ever my partner said don't worry Craig (his brother) has an "ENGEL" and how perfect was this it kept his meals frozen fresh and one very happy baby. This "ENGEL" was bought in about 1983 and has been every where even half covered in water when the Toyota was driven into a SWOLLEN river (the car stopped but not the ENGEL) It looks a bit sore, sorry and sad and beaten up (looks like it would never work, but what a product!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for a very happy baby and extremely happy mum. We hope one day to get one of our own as we camp a bit and there is NOTHING BETTER THEN A ENGEL!!!!! THANK YOU. - Sharon Atwood, Australia

Bought my Engel 22 one year ago. Could not be more satisfied! It's in my semi tractor sleeper, I have not turned it off for the entire year. I keep pop and sandwiches in it. It has kept a temperature of 36 degrees all this time. Hedged on purchasing it, so glad I did. - Donald Langer

I bought an Engel 15 to take to Mauritania last summer. I was collecting lizards in the Sahara Desert for DNA studies. We use the lizard livers for the DNA work. I used the Engel 15 to store about 100 frozen lizard livers. Even with the heat of the Sahara, the livers remained well frozen and we have successfully extracted DNA from them here in California. - Ted Papenfuss, Museum of Vertebrate Zoology, University of California, Berkeley, CA 94720

I am impressed by the overall quality and efficiency of the Engel 45 I bought from you this summer. The unit functions within the stated parameters in terms of both “running time” and “power consumption” and is an impressively high quality product in every respect. I only wish I bought the larger 65 quart model. - Sincerely, G.L.R. Easton, CT

I have my 45 Engel which is 14 years old, I never had done anything to it only 8 years ago when I painted because it was all beat up for the 4wd trips, never charge the gas, had it working more than 3 months, day and night, storage a year and just plug it and start freezing again. - Luis Pages, Caracas, Venezuela

Thought I'd just let you know that so far the Engel 22 we purchased has been serving us well. We have yet to plug it into DC power, or to monitor the amperage, but will be doing that soon as we are heading down the coast next week (and will be getting another battery). We have been freezing blue ice and putting the frozen containers into our ice box. We rotate them (about 6 at a time) daily. It appears to be doing the trick. We also keep four ice cube trays in the Engel for our gin and tonics in the evening. I'm glad we got the specific measurements from you as the 22 fits perfectly in the space we allotted. We find that the Engel will maintain 0 degrees Centigrade at setting "2", keeps everything relatively well frozen, and runs about 33% of the time. We generally increase the setting to 3 when we replace the frozen with the unfrozen blue ice until it is frozen (often overnight), then we turn it back down to 2. At the setting of 3, it runs about 50% of the time. These are all estimates. We have kept track of the time for short periods and generalized the information. The unit was off overnight due to a power failure last week and the temperature was still at 0 degrees-C in the morning (the ice had already been frozen prior to the power failure). We are pleased with the Engel 22 and we thank you for being so responsive to our many questions. In the end we think we made the right decision. Thanks again. - Vicki Garrod and John Shaw, Port Hueneme, CA 93041

We have just taken delivery of an Engel 65 - the original praise for the Engel on this list (Live Aboard discussion) came through just in time before we committed to a major refit of our under-performing built in freezer unit. So far, we are delighted with the Engel - we would never have expected our on board freezer to operate at -18 deg C without having to run the compressor continuously at unacceptable power use levels. The Engel holds that temperature with remarkably little power draw - the outer casing IS cold to the touch (although, to be fair, the ambient temperature in the cabin concerned is around 28 - 30 deg C, so am not too surprised that the casing feels cold). We got very helpful responses from the US supplier prior to committing to having the unit shipped to Hong Kong, answering a number of dumb questions. We have sacrificed the space (and added weight to a catamaran! tsk, tsk!) but the saving in cost of ripping out and rebuilding the existing fridge freezer (which will now be used as a fridge, which it does well) more than compensates for the cost of the Engel, and, in theory, we should be able to carry less in the way of tinned goods to compensate for the weight (in theory! Unlikely in practice, knowing how the provisioning officer works!) - Ken s/v King's Ransom of the Orient Hong Kong

Have had my 45 for about 2 weeks now & am really pleased with it. I have passed my experience on to the live-a-board discussion group (boating live-a-boards) & don't be surprised if you get several inquires. - Randy Williams, s/v Cabaret, Kemah, Texas

Just received my Engel 22 this week and it is one awesome machine. Being so small I figured it would take 24 hours to get it down to 0 degrees so I turned it on right away (did I mention that it's really quiet), imagine my surprise when it took about an hour to reach zero. I'm the fund raising chairman of our local Kiwanis Club and I wanted to be able to sell ice cream at a music festival held every Saturday during the summer but I needed something light and portable with a reasonable capacity. The Engel 22 at 35 pounds works like a charm. I pre-cool it to zero on electrical power at home then switch to DC in my truck for the trip to the creamery to fill with ice cream, then on to the town square where we have our sales tent. We take it out of the truck, switch it back to 110 and we're off and running. What a machine, and at a affordable price! - Charles Perreault, Kiwanis Club of Franklin, NC

Hello. Just received my Engel 22 and am currently trying it out on the 110 volt side. It seems to have arrived in very good condition. I must say that I am very impressed buy the quality that I see in the construction of this unit. I believe it will serve us well. Thank you! - Tony Zwiener

"All in all, the new Engel 35 lived up to its reputation as the 'Rolls Royce' of mobile fridges and certainly made our traveling and camping a lot more pleasant." - Glenda Roach

Just a few words about my Engel 30 Ltr fridge. I bought it 23 years ago for AUST$279-00. It has never been serviced, not even re-gassed. It has had a lot of use in the bush and also does duty as a beer fridge at home. I painted it once myself and the lid is all dinged in from sitting on it - and it just keeps on going. - Regards. Alan L.